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Treasure hunting

The cultural and traditional visit of towns bores you?

Discover Corte, the capital of independent Corsica, in a playful and informative way. With this permanent treasure hunting, go in search of the key of the buried treasure under the stones of the old town.

Participate... and win every day a local product.

Alone or in team, Solve the puzzles of this fun trail. (1)
In order to decode the solution, you go with a plan of Corte and questions that must be completed. By seeking the answers you will have achieved an heritage trail in the old town. You will then decrypt the sentence that will allow you to figure out how to open the safe.

As friendly as fun, this tourist course like no other allows everyone to admire all the finest monuments of Corte, discover hidden heritage treasures and to know the great pages of Corsican history.


€ 10 € by team. (2)


2 to 3 hours.


Permanent treasure hunting
Start any day at any time of day.

(1)The puzzles are to be picked up at Altipiani's office.
(2)A prize to win by team