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The Slackline is a sport created by climbers in California; it was a matter of filling up those grey days where the weather stopped them from climbing. They would tie up their climbing ropes between two anchor points and would have fun imitating tightrope walkers. These techniques have since developed and improved. The ropes have been forgotten and today, slacklining uses nylon webbing.

This sport is a way of increasing your concentration, improving your balance and is an ideal addition to outdoor activities such as surfing, snow-boarding, rock climbing or even gymnastics.

Setting up and getting going

You need 2 trees, two bushes or two other anchor points to attach and tighten your webbing, length can vary between 5 and twenty metres. Slacklining requires good balance, don’t be too hasty, find two trees only a few metres apart and tighten the webbing as much as possible. Try to walk along it, either wearing shoes or barefoot. Try a few steps along it then learn to turn around You need your body and mind to work together to make the equilibrium successful.


For a simple mountain system and most of all its quality, Altipiani offers you the Mammut® slackline set.

Daily rate : €15  
Half day rate : €10